Jabulani, is a chemical engineer, who inspires business owners and individuals to get unstuck from challenges that limit and even inhibit their growth. He unravels the key factors towards addressing the missing link that causes businesses to fail and the reason people fail to achieve their goals is spite of their good intentions.


Jabulani helps organizations and individuals restore self belief to get unstuck. He provides tools to map your recovery journey and to create a new belief system for success. He talks from experience having personally overcome significant obstacles personally and professionally. His talks and interventions focus strongly on transformational processes rather than transactional.

He delivers a process that will help you define WHO you need TO BE in order to achieve WHAT you want and remove guesswork  from your journey. Jabulani guides his audiences and clients on a journey of empowerment to take ownership of their life and business.


Jabulani occupied various roles up to executive management while in the corporate sector in a career that spanned over two decades.
Spending at least fifteen years of the career in complex manufacturing industries and systems management developed problem solving skills in pressure situations. Jabulani left formal employment in the corporate sector to pursue his passion for helping people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals while on the journey to reach their potential. This is informed by the philosophy that you must always be in motion towards giving the world the potential that lies within you.


Jabulani’s work on Achievement Mastery, Productivity and Pillars of Business Success is a comprehensive One-Stop shop for addressing major areas that inhibit success. The application of Systems engineering and Value engineering techniques, where required, is a basis for simplified yet effective methodologies for solving complex problems.

Achievement Mastery100%
Pillars of Business Success 100%
Executive Management 100%