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Business Pillars – the Success PRISM

Business pillars play an important role in the success of any organization or company. It provides for a firm foundation of ideal and principles. In addition, business pillars provide the framework for business growth. Therefore, the important role that business pillars play in any company cannot be ignored. The important components in any business foundation are People, Regular cash flow, Innovation, Marketing and Systems (PRISM). This article seeks to demystify the above business components and their application as the foundation of any healthy business venture.


At its pure essence, business is generally about people. Essentially there are two categories of people that any business pillars focus on.


Business systems are one of the most important features that most organizations have ignored.

Regular Cash flow

Everything in any business venture ultimately revolves around one thing, money or cash. The running of any successful venture depends on the liquidity of a company.


Innovation assists in the coming up with new ways to meet the ever-changing consumer needs. Need to differentiate innovation from creativity.


Marketing serves to bring out the numerous products offered by a company to the ever growing population of consumers.


  • Double Your Business
  • Five Pillars of Business Success
  • Productivity

Achieve your goals by growing from the Inside out. Most people do not achieve their goals in their personal lives and in business. Understand what is keeping you from achieving your goals. The program helps you to achieve your goals by focusing on WHO you need To Be in order to possess the correct profile to reach your destiny. You get to properly define your current position and specify the most suitable skills, tools and resources to reach your destiny. Overcome the general leisurely approach towards setting our objectives which states WHAT we want and fail to define the package that will sustainably deliver the desired result. The approach is holistic as it incorporates Sytemic and Value based methodologies. This makes the program suitable for personal and business application. This program is suited for everyone who wants to follow the proven techniques of top goal achievers and thus get unstuck in order to grow.


The program takes you through the process to overcome the pitfalls that lead to failures of businesses particularly in the first five years. The Five Pillars of Business Success provide a framework for building a growing business.

The five pillars are:

  • People

  • Regular Cashflow

  • Innovation

  • Systems

  • Marketing

The pillars are built on a foundation which consists of Values and Governance.

These pillars also enable the business owner to gain the skills and confidence to tap into the secret of businesses that have the flexibility to thrive under changing economic conditions, that is, leverage. This covers the steps required to turnaround your business for sustained profitable operation. If you operate a small business the five pillars will help you get out of the small business mode and Go BIG. For a business that is facing challenges, this will help identify your gaps.

Some of the deliverables from the Five Pillars program are:

  • Well defined marketing systems,

  • Clear strategic plan,

  • Build systems for your business,

  • Having the correct team around you and

  • Translating your passion into knowledge.

The best plan can deliver mediocre results when not executed efficiently. Productivity is not about being a workhorse and working long hours. It is about positioning yourself for efficiently channelling the energies towards delivering on most important tasks for achievement of top priority results under current conditions. The program addresses the key areas for effective performance. The productivity program also covers the psychological and physiological states. Human beings cannot avoid interacting with people to achieve results, thus effectively managing relationships is a critical component of your daily life. Productivity is not time management but rather it is about energy allocation on a minute by minute basis. You will never have enough time to do everything. To eliminate stress, you need to master decision making. The productivity program provides tools for decision making as an aid towards eliminating procrastination. For maximum productivity you must have a healthy balance on your financial, physical, personal development, relationships and spiritual aspects of your life.